STT anchoring and exploring

Anchoring in Cay Bay, just next to the ferry terminal and seaplane airway: The bottom is grass so it is a great holding spot (at least with a Bruce anchor)! Once you back down on the anchor you won’t budge. It also might be hard to pull up. Careful with the windlass. Be easy on it. This is a very busy harbor though with planes, ferries, boats, cruise ships, you name it so I wouldn’t suggest taking a leisurely morning dip. I didn’t see any poop floating by which I’ve heard is possible in some anchorages but I can image the chemicals in this bay may not be exactly healthy. This is just my guess though! No scientific studies done here!
Beware, the ferries start at 5am and if you are anchored just behind the mooring field next to the ferry terminal one of the captains may stop and pound his horn at you for 30 minutes until you give in and move. There are a lot of boats and mooring balls out there so moving in the dark is not ideal.
Be sure to have a spot light ready.

Anchoring in Linburg Bay to pick up friends from the STT airport: Nice bay, visibility was not great so we didnd’t see any snorkeling. However, the plan was not to snorkel but just to take the dinghy in to shore to pick up our friends. The only good place to go ashore without getting kicked off for “not being a patron” is the Island Beachcomber resort. You’ll recognize it becuase it has a greenish teal roof (a few roofs of this color) and it toward the westward side of the bay shore. It has a nice white sandy beach to pull up your dinghy (be sure to tie it to a tree before leaving it!!). You can go ashore here and not even buy anything and not get hassled to go use the restroom (there is a restroom accessible from the walkway that is not usually locked.)

But if you DO want to buy something while you wait for your guests (it is only a few hundred yards from the airport to the resort entrance) the tiki bar right on that white sandy beautiful beach serves a great Bushwhacker (the Caribbean specialty drink). Happy hour beer special $1 off each beer from 5-7pm.

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