Fish Attack!

For the past week we’ve had three friends on board with us- three more people to pet me!  I love having company!
Today we stopped at a place that Daddy said was called the Hens and Chickens.  I was so excited until we got there and there were no hens OR chickens!  Why do they always name places after things that aren’t there!?  How disappointing… UNTIL….

While I waited for everyone to come back from spearfishing I watched from the deck, barking encouragement as loud as I could muster.  Then, all of a sudden, a big fish came flying at me in the boat and hit me right in the face!  Well, I didn’t like that fish hitting me like that.  What did I ever do to that fish?!  It flopped and plopped and flipped and just made a big mess!  I know how Mommy hates fish slime all over the boat so I figured I should stop that naughty fish from sliming up the whole deck.  I grabbed him in my mouth and held him there but he kept flopping!  I held him a little tighter… but then I realized I had a whole fish in my mouth!  Finally!  The whole trip I’ve wanted my very own fish!  I decided to take just a little taste.  Yummmm!!!!  It was sooooo tasty!  So I took another nibble….and another….and another…. well, about then Daddy came back from fishing.  I showed him what a good job I’d done stopping that fish from flopping. Instead of being happy Daddy asked what in the world I’d done, and he sounded a little upset.  He asked me why I’d eaten his fish!  Oh no!!! That was Daddy’s fish!  Ooop!  Well, at least I left the tail for him!

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