Spearfishing Bonanza!

Thursday, July 10th we made it to the Berrys, one of our favorite island chains of the Bahamas. The Berrys are small islands but beautiful, each tiny island (called Cay, pronounced Key) has it’s own personality. One of our favorites is Little Stirrup Cay, which happens to be the private island of Norweigan Cruise Lines. Unfortunately, they’ve obliterated the island, tearing down all it’s natural vegetation and replacing it with picture perfect pruned palm trees. They even blew a huge hole in the island to create a harbor to drop off their passengers. We’ve seen all of these changes over the years of coming here. BUT thank goodness they haven’t figured out yet how to destroy the reef surrounding the north side of the island. The reef is still absolutely loaded with fish! Even I got a hogfish (and not a small one, for once) within the first two minutes of being in the water! We each brought back some really great kills, some of us with lifetime records! (And of course it was all freediving and using only Hawaiian slings and polespears in accordance with Bahamian laws.) With very limited space to store food that has to be kept cold you’d think that some of it would just go bad. Well, that was yesterday and we don’t have one of those fish left. We probably brought back at least 80 pounds of fish…. really?! How can 5 people each that much fish in one day?! We made seared tuna (with the tuna that Chris caught on the way over to the Berrys), fish soup, fish ceviche and enough fish cakes for an army (complete with rice and Bahamian dipping sauce!) Admittedly we have some leftovers, but very few!

Thursday night we had a bon fire on the beach, drinks, smores (yuuuuuum!!!) And fireworks! What a great night!

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