Swimming with Dolphins

Saturday Chris dinghied in to Rocky Point (yes, the same name as the tiny town I’m from!) Got ice and some basic groceries (incuding salt which we forgot and haven’t had for the whole trip).  After a breakfast of grits, toast, and the ubiquitous goldfish, we sailed off toward Gorda Key, a.k.a. Castaway Cay, a.k.a. Disney Cruise Line’s private island.  A half day of sailing and fishing (which our only catch was, again, the ubiquitous goldfish) we anchored and jumped in for some spear fishing.  After all, we’ve been through our whole catch and it’s time to replenish! 

A few fish were brought in, enough for dinner and maybe lunch tomorrow.  I made thai hogfish (noodle-based, not rice-based since, when I started cooking dinner my intention was to do a seafood pasta dish but half-way through discovered that the pasta sauce was nowhere to be found. But, before the dinner cooking began we motored to a more protected (well, we hoped) anchorage. On the way a pod of dolphins joined us.  After hastily anchoring we all jumped in to try to swim with the dolphins.  Usually, dolphins love to swim with sailboats under way but they’re a bit skittish when the humans jump in.  These dolphins were so friendly they let us swim with them! Chris got some amazing photos!  What an experience!

Since it’s now almost eleven pm and we’re all exhausted the rolling has begun, in true monohull fashion, so in an attempt to avoid seasickness I will end my update here.  The only part of sailing that is somewhat (ok, can be VERY) uncomfortable- rolling at anchor.

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